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Alumina ceramic rod

Alumina Ceramics Rods


HIGHLION can produce and supply the high alumina ceramics rods, the rods are made by different technology for different applications. The alumina content from 95% to 99.7%,density from 3.6-3.9g/cm3 and working temperature from 1500to 1800℃。The alumina rod diameter from 0.8mm to 80mm,length can be up to 2000mm.



@High purity, good chemical corrosion resistance

@good resistance to heat and cold, not easy to crack

@Precise grinding and polishing

@Excellent heat radiation,more enviromental and energy-efficient.


@Gas cooker,Water heater,Gas oven, Gas boiler,Air-conditioning and so on.

@As ceramic parts of flexible pad and channel heaters at operations of pre and postweld heat treatment; Welding process, stress-relieving, pre-heating & post heating, other resistance-heating environment
@halogen lamps, high and low pressure uv lamps, mercury lamps, uv lamp holders and heating tubes.  

@high-power electrical applicance and all kinds of insulation device.