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Ceramic Crucibles

High Purity Alumina Ceramics Crucibles


Higher purity alumina ceramic crucibles adopts high purity alumina as raw material, HIGHLION can produce ceramic crucibles with different shapes including arc shape crucibles, cylindrical crucibles,square shape crucibles,special -shaped crucibles,boat crucibles. It has very good performance and widely used for a variety of laboratory metal,non-metal sample analysis and melting materials.


 •Alumina ceramic crucibles

 •Corundum ceramic crucibles

 •Arc alumina crucibles(high form alumina crucibles)

 •Cylindrical alumina ceramic crucibles

 •Rectangular crucibles

 •Special shaped crucibles

 •Alumina saggers


Usage instructions:

Under normal circumstances,firstly put the items which need to be analyzed and fired into the crucibles.Then heat. The speed of heating and drop in temperature are according to the characteristics of equipment and products, fast or slow.Because of the thermal expansion of raw material which the crucibles are made of, too quick heating or cooling will easily lead to cracking of the crucibles. The best way is slowing down,which can prolong the life of them.